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I am sharing my real life experience.

I was killed by a demon who was sitting on my chest and choked me to death in front of my eyes when I was fully awake in my bed at 3:00 am. It was not sleep paralysis. Later, I was floating through tunnel and saw a prominent line. At the end of the tunnel there was a BRIGHT light 1000 times bigger than SUN and Pure WHITE. There are some sort of bungee jumping point where you had to jump into UNKNOWN. At Bungee Jumpee Point/LINE, I was asked to say 1 thing and cross. I just said WAHEGURU and bang I was back to my bed. Like Father, Abba, PitaJee, Dad, Pop, Abbu are different names used by children to address their Father, Similarly Gods Name (Waheguru, Gopal, Har, Hari, Ram, Allah, God) are all same. Our politician and religion DONS tell you they are different, but they are same. When you see reality of life, you know how much time you have wasted in petty things.

This mantra saved me in after death, cured my depression. I would surely recommend you to listen to this mantra for maximum time during the day. During my depression when none medicine was working, I was planning to commit suicide. Finally as my last attempt I started reciting WAHEGURU 6-8 Hours continously. My depression cured within 7-15 Days and I have never taken any medicine after that.

If anyone from you are experiencing any demonic activities or facing any depression type symptoms please try doing this.
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