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Originally Posted by Michelle11
So that could have been the point. It's normal to fear the unknown. The unknown is scary and our brains are wired to fear death so we do everything in our power to try and survive. It's a part of all living beings on the planet. Threaten an animal and their primal instincts to live kick in. And the interesting thing about humans is that this fear for survival instinct can also become active even if there isn't a physical threat to our selves. Emotional threats can trigger our survival instinct just as much as physical ones. I didn't realize how stuck I was in survival mode because of my upbringing. I also have very strong emotions but that may also be because I felt threatened a lot and afraid all the time. I wasn't in any actual physical danger but my father was very overbearing and authoritarian. So try to keep it in perspective if you can. Pain is a motivator, we do everything in our power to avoid and get rid of pain because it may be a threat to our survival and our brains are wired to survive. They need to be or we would not last long on this planet.

Well anyway, I do think you had a brush with death, you may not have totally crossed but had an opportunity to see you are separate from your body and you will survive even if it dies. From my perspective, there is no other way to look at it if we are outside our bodies looking at it. That can't be an aspect of the brain. Hugs.

Thanks for your insight Michelle11, I guess its true, you know yourself how it feels, its just good sometimes to share your experiences and get others thoughts and know youre not going crazy! hehehe xx
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