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Originally Posted by Michelle11
Wow Tobi. That was an incredible experience and a miracle you survived and didn't get hurt much. Crazy

EarthAngel, so did your perception of who you are alter any after the experience? Meaning did you think about life or yourself one way before the experience of feeling separate from your body then see things differently now?

All of my life experiences have shaped me into a stronger person, but I had an awful fear of death, I still do fear the unknown at times however, when I was knocked out, it didnít hurt. There was no pain everything just stopped. It was amazing that Tobi had a relative speak, but I could only hear. It was so strange it felt like my soul flung out of my body when I crashed, like on the film Ghost, when Patrick Swayzeís soul jumps out. I didnít get very far! It helped me understand that death wasnít painful, but that could just be the way in which I could have died, itís not to say other ways are not painful.

I donít know, I struggle with it...
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