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I To was in a car accident only I was the passenger front seat my sister in law was driving.two of my daughters were in the back along with my niece.
we were on top of the HorseShoe PASS.WHICH IS 365FT FROM TOP TO BOTTOM I remember she was steering the wrong side of the road.i pulled the steering wheel back then I Blacked out I don't know how long I was out.i saw my grandmother she told me I had to go back as it wasn't my time.
I woke up asked the kids if they were ok then I pulled my sister in law off the steering wheel.i asked her what had happened she said she didn't side of the car was gone totally imbedded in rock.the car was crushed I crawled out of the drivers side window.
the kids filled me in the car nearly went over the edge twice they said they could feel a warm light around them.i was the only one injured the seat belt had broken a bone in my shoulder I had to have an op on that.i had very severe whip lash and a huge cut on my head,everybody was amazed that no other cars were on the road at that time or I would have died that was 6 weeks after my husband passed.
but I have had nde before three times.

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