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Originally Posted by Tobi
Maybe you did, EarthAngel...
In 1991 I was co-owner of a book store, and one day a strange man came to talk to me. He was dressed unusually for our town: quite formally. He was about 30-40 years old at a guess, clean cut and decent looking. I liked his character and felt at ease with him.
Our conversation took an odd turn. No small-talk. Just plunged me into what I now see as a "life review". (I didn't know that, then) I felt completely at ease discussing many aspects of my life and he asked me a few times, was I happy about what had happened?....would I go back and change anything?...did I feel I had more to do?....etc
The conversation took maybe about 20 minutes. I was curious about such a strange event. The man went on his way, wishing me well.

On my way home in the car about 5.45, I was hit side-on with temendous force as I was taking a right turn, by a speeding driver behind who had overtaken around a bend, didn't see me in time and crashed into me at high speed.

All I remember was a brilliant flash of white light. I had no pain, no thoughts, nothing.
Then I was looking at the road surface inches from me. I could smell leaking fuel and knew the ignition was still switched on. I had a tiny gap in a totally crushed car, to escape, so I got the heck out of that wreck as fast as I could.
I am skinny but don't know how I got my whole body through that tiny gap (I went back to the wreck which was held in a yard in town at a later date, and measured the gap. It was 9")
I was okay. I only had bad bruising and flesh wounds.

The police were amazed anyone had survived a thing like that. The car had been flipped like a pancake and crushed roof to chassis. Plus the driver's side had been caved in totally.

But I have always remembered that conversation I had with the stranger just before that car crash.

It took me 3 years to be able to drive again, and close on two to be able to get in a car again.

What an incredible story Toni! Now that you mention it, I recall being in the ambulance while they were checking me over, the paramedic literally said 'Thank your lucky stars kid, we could have quite easily have been in a situation where I was taking you away in a body bag'. Though it sounds so inappropriate to say in that situation, it really struck me the reality that could have been. Goodness knows what kind of alert was sent to the police and ambulances, because there were a lot of flashing lights and they'd even sent for the helicopter.

Insane when I think of it now.
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