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Originally Posted by EarthAngel
A few years ago now I was involved in a horrific car accident, a head on collision and the car was crushed flat from the bumper to the windscreen. I often think that I was protected that day because so many people have lost their lives in less severe cases.

I remember blacking out on impact, and it sounds like a cliché but it was as if my life flashed before my eyes and everything went out like a light switch, but then after what felt like an hour, as opposed to probably a matter of seconds, a voice told me that I had not crossed and I needed to awaken and get out the vehicle. I remember the physical strength it took to be able to open my eyes, but I managed to roll out of the car and I realised I was safe.

Now when I recollect my thoughts on he experience I wonder if I came face to face with death. What are your opinions ?

Maybe you did, EarthAngel...
In 1991 I was co-owner of a book store, and one day a strange man came to talk to me. He was dressed unusually for our town: quite formally. He was about 30-40 years old at a guess, clean cut and decent looking. I liked his character and felt at ease with him.
Our conversation took an odd turn. No small-talk. Just plunged me into what I now see as a "life review". (I didn't know that, then) I felt completely at ease discussing many aspects of my life and he asked me a few times, was I happy about what had happened?....would I go back and change anything?...did I feel I had more to do?....etc
The conversation took maybe about 20 minutes. I was curious about such a strange event. The man went on his way, wishing me well.

On my way home in the car about 5.45, I was hit side-on with temendous force as I was taking a right turn, by a speeding driver behind who had overtaken around a bend, didn't see me in time and crashed into me at high speed.

All I remember was a brilliant flash of white light. I had no pain, no thoughts, nothing.
Then I was looking at the road surface inches from me. I could smell leaking fuel and knew the ignition was still switched on. I had a tiny gap in a totally crushed car, to escape, so I got the heck out of that wreck as fast as I could.
I am skinny but don't know how I got my whole body through that tiny gap (I went back to the wreck which was held in a yard in town at a later date, and measured the gap. It was 9")
I was okay. I only had bad bruising and flesh wounds.

The police were amazed anyone had survived a thing like that. The car had been flipped like a pancake and crushed roof to chassis. Plus the driver's side had been caved in totally.

But I have always remembered that conversation I had with the stranger just before that car crash.

It took me 3 years to be able to drive again, and close on two to be able to get in a car again.
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