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I would consider it extremely dangerous to listen to such Youtube videos and to avoid stepping into the white light. It is well known that those who fear the light because they fear judgement, become restless souls - ie ghosts who haunt places or people.

When one notices a haunting, the usual way to deal with it is to tell the restless soul to go into the light.

It's unlikely that this is a reincarnation trap as reincarnation only happens with one's agreement, and for a reason. The soul also enters the body long before birth. When we become advanced enough, we escape the cycle of reincarnation, but as long as we still have things to learn, or unfinished business or things to teach others, we get reincarnated. Nobody and nothing is trying to trick us into getting reincarnated. The decision whether we get born again is not up to whether we fall into a trap, but it is up to God what happens, and it also only happens with our agreement. We agree to a soul contract before each birth where we agree what lessons we have to learn and also where we will get born again, what we have to go through on this earthly plane, in which era and culture we get born, and what we are hoping to achieve.

Whilst there are many helpful Youtube videos, let's not forget that there are also many videos from evil individuals who want to see us becoming lost souls. There are misleading videos made by people who claim to be against the very thing they are speaking about whilst in reality manipulating the viewers and confusing them into just believing the wrong things. One has to exercise a lot of discernment when watching Youtube videos.
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