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People who cross over in doubt and fear and anguish and confusion about what light to follow or not follow, or the Matrix, or whatever bothers them, will just stay where they are and hunker down I suppose, and gradually things will come to them which they trust, and then they can let go and be free.

Re-incarnation as far as I know, is not compulsory and enforced. Nor is Soul recycling in some Matrix. I know Souls who were quite simple Beings, and yet they are still there....having passed some time ago.
If there was a dark re-cycling schedule, they would have been forced back and presumably their energy wouldn't still be so alive and vibrant in Spirit!

I think the best plan for emergency navigation is to go where your Heart and Soul feels truth and Love and the consequences will be good. Of course anyone can over-think this, but we are pretty good intuitional Beings when we let our own light shine.
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