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Originally Posted by Alice_1
Killing yourself is a sin. Go straight to hell.

Not exactly.

But, the hell you live in and create with your thoughts and what you will live in the afterlife. Its the same kind of hell you live on earth. When you come back to will most likely go through the same or similar experiences that led you to commit the same experiences you left those who loved you, behind with. So say, you are a woman who has children...and you commit suicide. There's a good chance that you will go through the same you, yourself may lose your own mother at the same age as your children or your spouse may commit suicide.

Its the cause and effect of your decisions. You will most likely choose to go through the experience again and again until you overcome your own weaknesses/negativity.

The reason for this is because you are uplifting your spiritual vibrations by going through life's most tragic circumstances...its really the only way. You dont stop learning to ride a bike as a kid just because you crash it the first few get back on, and you learn to ride the damn bike, or you dont quit school because you failed the 6th go back another year, and you do it again until you pass.

Its hard to explain what I was shown and saw...but the best I can do to describe it from my own perception, for the reasoning of this incarnation is this.

Image a mass of the brightest of light...the brighter the light, the higher the frequency it vibrates. Now imagine, within that light, is some darker spots of light...those darker spots are not vibrating at the same speed as the brighter light....

Those darker lights are us....all of us who come here to incarnate. Sparks off the sparkler. You can not sustain the higher frequency realms of light or energy....unless you are able to not hold onto any negativity. Negativity dims your you are sent here in your dimness of raise your frequency by continually going through those hardships that dim your light....until you are able to overcome them, and lighten your that your energy can also become lighter, and vibrate at the higher realms of the brighter light of energy.

I was shown I committed suicide in a past life....and that is why I went through many of the hardships I have in this life...its also why my mother has not been in my life for support or help.

You can say God wouldnt do that to someone who has suffered so much in a past life to commit suicide....and you are right, he didnt....I did, I made that choice.

The things that happen on this earth....there's nothing we cant overcome here...all forms of abuse, lies, sabotage, rape, childhood trauma, slander, gossip, betrayal...death and suicide.

The only separation between us and this energy (*or God) is the frequency at which our own energy vibrates...the higher it vibrates, the lighter the spark of light. like attracts has to be on the same wavelength.

Its actually science:)
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