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@Colorado: That is fascinating!

@inavalan: The first time it happened it was after my grandmother's death. I was 24 years of age. I just saw her standing there with glowing eyes, surrounded by people, letting me know she was OK in heaven.

Then later I had a "dream" in which my paternal grandfather hugged me. It was just so real and I felt the hug. I think he had a message for me about something I was dealing with in my life. This was the one that really got me interested in ADCs and probably opened my mind to experiencing them.

I've had many visitations from my maternal grandfather, who I was very close with in life. He also visited me shortly before his death in spirit form.

Since my "dark night of the soul" which happened just a few years ago, I've had many such visitations from various deceased relatives, and also dreams of living people, which I believe are a sort of inter-dimensional reality. These can be scary.

In May my grandmother visited me in a dream the day before my sister's wedding. She hugged me and had a general greeting for me, which I did not understand until I woke up and thought about it. In my experience, ADC messages can be distorted and strange. I think she just wanted to let us know that she was present and was watching what was going on. I didn't tell my sister though, because I didn't want her to get her feelings hurt if she didn't see grandma :)

There tend to be signs that confirm the truth of these visitations. I'll get into it more later, if you guys want.
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