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Originally Posted by SlayerOfLight
Not necessarily true, I used to like a lot of people but in the end they turned out to be toxic and self-centered… Often our thoughts and impressions on people are right because humans in general are sickening disgusting creatures.

All they are after is your money and if you don't have any, you are treated like s***.

I am tired of everyone putting their hands in my pockets...I am tired of the medical profession judging me, but won't lift a finger to help unless I have private health insurance but they will not give me any documentation to apply for it...then last week, I got fined $200 for doing 60kms/hr in a 50 km zone...then I got fined $190 by my psychologist because I only gave 4 hours notice of my inability to attend an appointment, when the contract stated I must give 24hrs notice.

$390 gone in one day...

The reason why I don't mix with other people and keep to myself is because my presence alone brings out the very worst in others...after 5 minutes they want me to leave (or they do) and after 10 minutes, violence erupts... through no fault of my own...and even "Life Skills Coaches" can't stand my presence and say they cannot help me because I am beyond all help and hope.

So, I am going to study Goetia and enlist the help of my friends from the other side. It is time for that to happen...Time to show the world what I am capable of and damn the consequences.
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