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Originally Posted by blue102
In the last few years, I have been having ADCs from dead relatives quite frequently. They are ABSOLUTELY ADCs and not regular dreams (though I do have those as well, so I can tell the difference). Each of my deceased grandparents have communicated with me at least once at some point.

The last one I saw was my grandmother. She came through the day before my sister's wedding. My grandfather, who I was very close with, communicated with me in many ways after his death. I've seen him in dream form several times, mostly within the first few months of his death.

My mother says she has similar experiences. How common is this?

I don’t know how common it is....but it’s happened to me many times. I get a lot of information through dreams, my husband who is not to witness one time when it happened. He thinks it because I’m part Indian, although it’s far down to the line. All my family is blonde haired light blue/green eyes....I’m the only one who has dark brown eyes....they can not be traced back for the last 3 generations on either grandparents side. He says Indians rule the dream world, and that’s why this happens to me. Idk...but maybe.

I have been contacted by relatives who died many years before I was born....who I never met or heard of, through dreams. I have also been contacted by people who I was acquaintances with....right after they died through dreams. This is how I learned of their passing...through dreams, right before waking up or right when I fall asleep. I have been contacted the very night they died...before any one else knew....and I lived out of state or a far distance from them. Some of them have shown me their took place in Chicago in the 50s, and was married to my great grandma, neither of who I have ever met. They both died before I was born. The other died in Vietnam at 20 years old....10 years before I was born....never even heard of him before the night he finally got my attention. I’ve wrote about all of them on here at one time or another.

My earliest memory of this happening was at 4 years old....when I had the same repeated dream for almost a week. I never spoke of the dream, because I was so young....but it was validated almost 30 years later...when my dad told me about his grandparents. At the time of the dream, my parents were divorced and I was not around my dad, I had been living in Texas, he in Illinois for a year or so. I was about 3 1/2 years old when I moved there. I was just a toddler when these dreams first started happening. It might also have had something to do with my NDE, as a baby....I was sick in the hospital for the first few years of my life, with lung problems. In fact, I shouldn’t have been parents had the RH blood factor, and I was their 3rd child. This was in mother’s doctor who delivered my two older brothers, tried to get her to have an abortion and refused to deliver me. She went to the abortion clinic on the day scheduled, but did not go in. They found a foreign doctor to deliver me later.
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