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Originally Posted by NightingalesFlame
Thank you all for your advice. I trust in God but I canít help what I pick up sometimes. The human body is both a magnet and a sponge. It can both attract things but suck them up as well. If I am channeling this energy from a far, I guess Iím feeling for that soul as if he were alive and stranded needing help. You would want to help that person out but not at the expense of picking up negativity from it all. As much as death is good because we are no longer tied to the burdens of the world, death is bad because of the effects of its aftermath on the soul or the unfinished business of the life that has passed. I donít hold on to this but it has distracted me. I completely understand your concern and I am trying to basically channel it out and give it to the universe. My intentions is to set it free.
I am getting a strong feeling that you are an a sensitive, you will learn to distinguish what things are....spiritually educate yourself with as much information as you can( empaths pick up on everything, even others feelings who are alive) Meditate daily...calm yourself and balance yourself. I do this as much as I remember to. Empaths identify with others pain easily...even if they read a story online or in the paper. They can easily pick up on the feelings and thoughts of the victims, as well as surrounding energy from others. I wanted to give you another alternative...because thereís a lot of energy here, imprints, ect....that tell a an empath, you may not realize that you are feeling an imprint, even if the soul has passed on....which the majority of them do. You and your son are the most important people that you must help and protect at all times. If you suffer anxiety and depression like many young empaths, then you are most likely identifying with an imprint and reading the energy without consciously knowing thatís what you are doing...itís hard to tell the difference with these things when you have so much going on emotionally.
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