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I realize I never answered your question. So let me try again. lol

Memory 1: I'm in a garden, or someone's back yard. I'm enjoying a gathering with family/friends. I do not remember seeing anyone in particular there, but I remember the garden and how green and beautiful it was. I think there were roses and a fountain.

It sounds like a core experience of yours in the Spirit world. It's your gathering place - where love ones come to be healed and greet you. It sounds like a very beautiful place.

Memory 2: I remember standing in front of an abyss of sorts and looking down, very far down. I was scared. There was a platform in between where I was standing and below. A girl was standing on it looking up at me, saying "Just jump! It will be fun" or something along those lines. I always thought that it was the friend I had when I was a little girl. But now I think it was my cousin.

Possibly an astro projection into the Spirit world. It sounds like you were living when you had this experience. Your friend or cousin seems to be teaching you how to enjoy yourself over there. Was she passed when this experience took place?

Memory 3: I was walking with my dad. It was night, and we were walking somewhere like a carnival, and there was a ferris wheel glowing brightly. There were stars in the sky. That's all I remember. I had this dream as a very young child and now I wonder if it was a dream at all.

I've had a similar experience. Mine is being in the middle of a snowy forest at night. The cold air biting my skin and soft angelic beings dancing and singing.

I've also had a dream or an experience where I lived near the water. Water every where. And I'm with a group of beings that live near large water falls.

Hence I would say that your experience is probably a past life experience or another meeting place on the other side.
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