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You will create your own experiences. Everything you want comes into existence. However sometimes things that we bring back with us will taint that experience. It may be unpleasant or scary, but you will always have the power to create something positive and happy. Most cases people often do create a reality that is the happiest moments of their past lives. There are stages to that experience as well. You can go from being completely one with Source and have no identity or body. You can also become a celestial being with a body, but different than the one that use to be alive. You also can become anyone of your incarnations and visit earth again. You can see what your loved ones are doing and speak to them through their higher selves or mediums. However even your loved ones who are still alive, live in the spirit world too. That's why the dead don't miss us after they pass. They have immediate connection to all of us all the time.

Remember. What you do on the other side is completely up to you. You're free and loved to experience anything you want. Eventually you understand that the Spirit world is all about experiencing not thinking so much. And you start "planning" your next incarnation. You communicate "telepathically" with your soul group and God, and make agreements to return as a particular person. While you're doing this you're just experiencing being infinite and one with everything. When the decision to return happens (sometimes it's made for you), you return to earth or some where else in the universe to start a new experience. To live helps the spirit grow. But you will never leave the Spirit world. Your higher self will remain with God even as you go about your life on earth. Your higher self will guide you on your life's mission helping you achieve the desired experience. When you die, you will return to your higher self. He/she will embrace you with love and acceptance. You will return home and enjoy your new memories of your past life.
"For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul".
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