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Was this the in-between?

Sorry for posting so much, but I'm on a journey and I'm excited to find this forum.

Here's my question:

Since I was little, I've had fragmented memories of past lives which I relayed to my mother around age 4 or 5 (I've since mostly forgotten them). But I'm wondering about the in-between (spiritual) life. I think I may have memories of it too but not sure. Please tell me what you think:

Memory 1: I'm in a garden, or someone's back yard. I'm enjoying a gathering with family/friends. I do not remember seeing anyone in particular there, but I remember the garden and how green and beautiful it was. I think there were roses and a fountain.

Memory 2: I remember standing in front of an abyss of sorts and looking down, very far down. I was scared. There was a platform in between where I was standing and below. A girl was standing on it looking up at me, saying "Just jump! It will be fun" or something along those lines. I always thought that it was the friend I had when I was a little girl. But now I think it was my cousin.

Memory 3: I was walking with my dad. It was night, and we were walking somewhere like a carnival, and there was a ferris wheel glowing brightly. There were stars in the sky. That's all I remember. I had this dream as a very young child and now I wonder if it was a dream at all.

I was a very spiritual child and I recall talking to guides or angels as a 3 or 4 year old. I have very early, clear memories of my infancy, and also a couple of possible past lives. If there is anyone who is willing to talk to me about this, I'd love it.
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