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Originally Posted by Windbreeze

I see more and more YouTube videos where people advice against entering white light because it's a trap for soul recycling for our souls to reincarnate set by Archons.

No matter how tempting it might be and our relatives who are just holograms to get us into the white light, we shall not enter the white light if we desire spiritual freedom and to rejoin with the source. Otherwise entering white light is being reborn as you come out the womb into this life.

Why there are more of those videos? Are people trying to warn us or make money out of views of their videos. Who can we trust today?

If above is true, then there is no karma that makes us reincarnate and there is only a free will. A will to not enter the light.

Imagine what would happen if nobody any longer would enter the white light to be reincarnated? What would happen to earth population and who would serve the evil agenda of the big brother? Exactly! Sounds like there is secret knowledge they don't want us to know.

The short answer is it's human nature to sully what other's find positive. It's also human nature to doubt in something too good to be true. We seem to have this desire/impulse to place doubt and fear in everything we believe in. The truth is it doesn't matter - You always have the power to create your own experiences in the after life. Going into the "white light" is what NDE'ers describe the experience of returning home. However what you end up experiencing when you transition is completely tailored to you. They're no words to describe the actual event. For example, the "white light" isn't actually white. It's filled with colors (never seen), feelings (never felt), and harmonics (never heard before).

If going into the light was a trap, people who've crossed over into the "white light" during their Near Death Experience would have been snatched and taken away into their next life. That's not what happens though. People who've experienced the "white light" have crossed it and stayed to experience more than just the light but an expansion to fills the entire universe itself.
"For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul".
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