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After reading some of the comments I need to elaborate on my position further.

Are NDEs would you say they are...
1) healthy. (Because they can help one to gain perseoctive on life/death/rebirth/their place in life)
2) unnecessary for growth and finding out the truth

I know before I said neither, but I want to change my answer to both. I couldn't pick 1 over 2 or 2 over 1 because only 20% of NDE's result in an experience. Most people who nearly die don't report an experience. Many people can discover their truth about "life/death/rebirth/their place in life" without ever having to die to know it or picking up a book on NDE's. I consider myself in that category.

Yes it's true some people have discovered a new perspective on life after having an NDE, but other's haven't experienced anything. I think it's important that we don't dismiss their experience just because it doesn't align with convention. The truth is there are lot of people in the world who managed to discover their truth without ever having any kind of spirituality.

Are we NDEs would you say they are...
1) caused by the brain and body
2) an actual experience with the world of spirit

Once again the correct answer is both. Obviously the body and brain need to be sick or dying in order for an NDE to occur. Medical professionals have documented changes in the body and the brain during and after death. Spirit takes over, but the brain isn't completely dissociated from dying.

The correct answer is the body and the spirit plays a part in the dying experience.

Are NDEs...
1) planned by the universe/soul/life path of the soul before birth
2) completely a random occurrence

The burden of proof rest upon the one who makes the claim. Can some one prove that either answer is correct or either answer can't be correct? Remember not even psychics agree on the nature of freewill. Some people think everything is predestined which is very much a Calvinist approach to Life after Death, while others believe in freewill. Who's right? I believe their is a third option. Once again it's both. So I guess what I'm trying to say is there is a third option for all 3 questions.

I personally would be interested to hear your NDE when you feel ready to share. :)
"Not all seek meaning...but those that do will find it."
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