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Originally Posted by Ca-yield
Hello I want to talk about afterlife and what you believe, is it real? what happens if I kill myself rather than die of other reasons? what places would I go and am I a ghost?

To stay with the facts and less with what you should or shouldn't do. I will say this, as your life ends, no matter how, you will move from the physical earth realm to the non physical earth realm and how and if you move on from there depends on your state of mind. Yes your state of mind since you are still connected to the mind which is part of this reality and not part of the physical body. Only if you leave the non physical earth realm will you disconnect from it and be "free" as a spirit, and have the choice to return or not to.

As I said, you will end up in the non physical earth realm and what you find there is a direct refection of your state of mind.

An example, one that I came across some years ago, someone asked me if I can help this boy who came to her. He had fallen into an old mine and died. Now he remained there until he could figure our that he could just leave, fly or jump out or just walk through rocks.

The non physical realm is full of spirits either trapped in vortices due to very dramatic events, or simple can not (due to an imbalance) or do not wish to leave. (some of the controlling elite stay close to their family members until they are pulled into their next incarnation)
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