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You have some extended knowledge from these souls who have replied.

As for me...

I believe in energy because of my NDE. Everything is energy...not sure what category that fits in to...but it’s what I saw. Each energetic soul is diffferent, and so I think all our experiences are different. I do believe we use up a lot of our energy here, and when we go to the kinda fills us back up. However, I can’t tell you exactly how you will use that energy after your life here is over. I believe in reincarnation...I do believe if one commits suicide here, they probably will experience the same hardships that led them to suicide in their next life. I only believe this because it’s what a I saw after my NDE, when we here was a whirlwind of psychic energy around and in me after the NDE. Thank God, we don’t go straight to hell for eternity...but that doesn’t mean you won’t see a hell when you die. It means we create with our emotions and thoughts...and that is our true religion/reality. That’s why it’s better to learn and those negative thoughts and feelings from abuse don’t weigh our souls vibration down. Let it go....let it go.
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