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Originally Posted by Ca-yield
Hello I want to talk about afterlife and what you believe, is it real? what happens if I kill myself rather than die of other reasons? what places would I go and am I a ghost?

The “afterlife” feels more real than this human life because it is a different dimension; some call it the fourth dimension or the fifth dimension, etc. The laws of physics are different there in what we humans call the "spirit world."

But know what emotions you have now you will have then, especially if you are enmeshed and cling to those emotions. Some people try to escape how they feel by killing themselves. But what you have now you will have then, only without a physical human body. Understand that your soul, deeper being, what you truly are; that which uses your human body, looks out of your eyes, and uses your other senses; it already exists in the afterlife. It is in the afterlife expressing itself in this physical world through a human body.

I have had lots of out-of-body experiences, and the first out-of-body experience I had freaked me out, because the environment I was in was so strange to me and I was attacked by my own thoughts and fears. We are here on earth to prepare ourselves for that journey beyond this earth. Many are unprepared.

The human body is a vessel given to us so that we can grow our consciousness. There are no labels on the other side, no labels like “heaven," ” hell,” or whatever labels people here use to identify a place. The place you will go to depends on your mental and emotional state at the time of your death. It depends on your conditioning.

The place you go to is a mental or emotional place; it is a state of consciousness and not a place like we think of places here on Earth. Although it will feel very real, just like what you may be feeling right now within your self. I believe in reincarnation, and what you don’t learn about your self now, you most likely will come back and have to repeat those same lessons until you do learn them. You are the topic of your life, it is all about learning what is within you, at the depths of your being, at the core of your ability to feel.

Heaven and hell are states of consciousness, we are all ghosts inhabiting a physical body, and the only question is what kind of ghost do you want to be? A ghost that radiates love and light or a dimly lit lost soul stumbling over their own feet? We all go through that dimly lit phase. I know I did. I am using the terms “ghost” and “soul” here interchangeably. Because it is all beyond words and labels.

There were many times I felt like taking my life; many times that I wanted to escape this human life. But I learned that the only escape is to raise your own consciousness. Pick a spiritual or religious path and walk in it. Get with people in your age group who are doing that and they can give you some support. No doubt, human life is hard, just like going to school. But it gets easier the more effort you make to grow your own consciousness; growing your consciousness is a life-long journey, and it might even take many lifetimes.

The lessons can be difficult but the more difficult they are the greater the reward when you learn them. We are here to find the love that is within us and let that love shine forth, it is a journey with lots of mountains to climb, hills and valleys. But we were made for this journey and the reward, when we have learned about the depths of our own being, are unimaginably incredible, awesome beyond belief.

Get in touch with your deeper being and it will guide you, start by paying attention to your own intuition. When you come through the struggles that you experience you will be able to help others who may be struggling, because you have learned that lesson. You know how to do it because you have been there and you conquered it. We all have a fight or flight response, but no one can run from their own journey. We can only rise above it.

Yes, I did get long winded here, but I wanted to share my insights…..
"Life is like a box of chocolates." Forrest Gump
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