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Originally Posted by Nature Grows
I honestly don't know about this, but this could be a trick to make you not go into the white light actually.. or it may be right, but I will share something, someone i know once drowned and died for a bit when they died they said they found themselves in a "Golden plane of bliss" that is his words, he says it was the most bright golden place, joyful, peaceful, blissful, loving and nurturing light, and it was golden. When there the light asked him "what do you want to do now?" and he said he wanted to teach people the true nature of god, he felt like this was god, before hand he had been for the most part an average person, worked towards a well paying job, had a nice looking girlfriend, had the fancy car ect... anyway after he said he now wanted to teach people the true nature of god, the golden light said "as you wish" and he came back to life in his human body, since then this man has been on a mission, he does a lot of spiritual work and helps people, he doesn't have much money any more i dont think, he may, no fancy car just a normal one and doesn't have a girlfriend anymore either, he lives on a ranch.
. Interesting....and believe he saw what he did. After my NDE, I would regularly have real dreams about taking classes on the other side with what was scholars and guides( men in robes) in big amphitheater-like auditoriums. The sky seemed to be a soft orange-goldish color...but there was no sun. I learned through my NDE, that everything was energy. Thoughts, feelings, ect....everything is energy. I had never heard of this concept before this happened. I thought God was up in the tower of his castle too high to be reached...and very much on the verge of atheism, but settled for agnosticism/science in the end.
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