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Originally Posted by Nature Grows
I honestly don't know about this, but this could be a trick to make you not go into the white light actually.. or it may be right, but I will share something, someone i know once drowned and died for a bit when they died they said they found themselves in a "Golden plane of bliss" that is his words, he says it was the most bright golden place, joyful, peaceful, blissful, loving and nurturing light, and it was golden. When there the light asked him "what do you want to do now?" and he said he wanted to teach people the true nature of god, he felt like this was god, before hand he had been for the most part an average person, worked towards a well paying job, had a nice looking girlfriend, had the fancy car ect... anyway after he said he now wanted to teach people the true nature of god, the golden light said "as you wish" and he came back to life in his human body, since then this man has been on a mission, he does a lot of spiritual work and helps people, he doesn't have much money any more i dont think, he may, no fancy car just a normal one and doesn't have a girlfriend anymore either, he lives on a ranch.

Your post reminded me of an experience I had a long time ago. I went to a bullring in southern Spain where an Indian Guru was sitting on a stage in the middle of the bullring talking about the miracle of life. There were at least a few thousand people sitting in the circular bleachers around the bullring.

I got up from my seat, for whatever reason, and walked outside of the bullring and suddenly, without warning, everything disappeared, and I found my self-floating in golden light and the light was rich and thick with love. It was like I was in a fetal position and it felt like being in the womb, for my body was also made of that light, and I felt the comfort of being at home. The experience was timeless and it felt so fulfilling and comfortable. Like being in total rapture with overwhelming bliss.

Again, without warning, I was back in the bullring, staggering, intoxicated on the bliss from the experience I‘d just had, trying to find my seat. Much later, I interpreted that experience as my waking consciousness having slipped into the golden light of my own soul. The egg, seed, or over-self, that contains my physical body.

Even later on my path, I had glimpsed that over-self in experiences of expanded consciousness. While sitting on the beach at night in California, facing the Pacific Ocean, meditating, and your awareness moves out from your body on all sides. Expanding beyond your physical body, and you find yourself one with the clouds, the sky, the ocean, the land, etc. It is a very peaceful and serene experience.

But in my interpretation, the golden light was of my deeper being, soul, etc., while the white light, which I have also briefly glimpsed, is a more purer radiance from the source. Again, not refuting what others may have said, as this is but my interpretation.
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