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Originally Posted by Windbreeze

I see more and more YouTube videos where people advice against entering white light because it's a trap for soul recycling for our souls to reincarnate set by Archons.

Yes, that sounds like You Tube

No matter how tempting it might be and our relatives who are just holograms to get us into the white light, we shall not enter the white light if we desire spiritual freedom and to rejoin with the source. Otherwise entering white light is being reborn as you come out the womb into this life.

Why there are more of those videos?

Because they get views.

Are people trying to warn us or make money out of views of their videos.

People on You Tube want views, likes, subscribes and shares.

Who can we trust today?

People who earn it.

If above is true, then there is no karma that makes us reincarnate and there is only a free will. A will to not enter the light.

Imagine what would happen if nobody any longer would enter the white light to be reincarnated? What would happen to earth population and who would serve the evil agenda of the big brother? Exactly! Sounds like there is secret knowledge they don't want us to know.
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