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Never mind all that Windbreeze. Let go of all the confusion and worry.

When it comes your time to pass, all will be well. Those who come to greet you you will know by their particular energies and love. You will know them -in Love -to be the ones you trust. The unconditional love you will feel and share with any loved ones will fill your heart and Soul. Don't even worry about second-guessing this because believe me when the time comes, you will know it to be right.

Never mind what you "see". Or any "lights" or any other distractions. Just go the way your Heart instinctively knows and feels. It will be the right way. Don't be afraid of any Light if it feels right to your deepest feelings. If it doesn't -then don't go that way! But it most surely will.

When you pass out of the physical body and into more fullness of your true Self, all those issues and problems created by people on You Tube will fade behind you. So will the concept of Archons, or manipulations, "holograms" or anything else.

No-one is forced into anything there. No-one is pushed or forced into re-incarnation. That is a choice if/when the time is right and the desire is strong. That could be one Earth year or many hundreds.....the choice is up to your Soul and what you need -in your own "time".
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