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I certainly wouldn't have a concern for stepping into that white light either, when the day comes.

We exist in infinity. We cycle through infinity. We are rearranged in infinity if need be. Even if it were a mistake (like you allege), the out come would still return us to another place in infinity, where our personal development is allowed to expand yet again - even if that means : "until we get it right"..

Its only the grasping onto our own egos - that incessant fear that we can die - that attempts to dictate for our soul what might be right or wrong to do.

Listen to the soul - not the ego, and you will find that there is no cause or concern for fear or annihilation, whatever our choices turn out to be.

I firmly believe that the detriment will be sifted from the divinity within us anyway, and each will be assigned to its proper place - this is just as obvious to me as the flesh and physical chemistry stays in the physical universe, while consciousness returns to its assigned place within the Absolute.
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