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We are all in various individual stages of growth and development, so people speak
from their particular understanding or conditioning, including myself. But I can’t listen
to this world and what others are saying when it comes to my deeper being, what many
call the “soul.”

My soul knows the way home, it knows the way back to its’ source, and it would not matter
to me if billions of people told me what my soul should do, I would still cling to my soul to
show me the way. I place my highest trust in my own deeper being more than anything in
this world.

This trust is not unfounded; I have had many out-of-body experiences and every single one
of them have been incredibly awesome, beautiful to the max. Those who talk about not
stepping into that white light do not realize that we already exist in that white light. Here on
earth we are a projection of that white light. That white light is infinite, there is no place
where it is not.

That white light is not over there somewhere in the afterlife. Right at this very moment that
light surrounds us and permeates us. It gives life to us and all of creation. If you get in touch
with the unconditional love that is within you there are no what if’s. The journey is automatic,
you are destined to consciously merge with that light. This is my experience, and it has nothing
to do with YouTube, books or videos.

But if "not stepping into that white light" is what others want to believe, I will endeavor to
respect their beliefs, even though my beliefs are much different.
"Life is like a box of chocolates." Forrest Gump
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