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Originally Posted by Starman
Millions of people die everyday and most of them are tormented by their death. A large percentage of them die in automobile accidents. I have seen hundreds of people die in all sorts of ways.

In 1967, I was a U.S. Army combat medic in Vietnam during that war. I was 20-years old back then and I was responsible for people’s lives. I had to carry a dead baby in my arms and held lots of soldiers in my arms just as they took their last breath.

The first job I got when I got out of the army was as an EMT ambulance paramedic, running up and down the streets with red lights and sirens blaring. I have walked into people’s homes and they were dead, hanging by a rope from the ceiling with a suicide note on the table beside them.

I went into a high school in Denver where a young teenage girl bought her fathers gun to school, went into the girls bathroom put the gun in her mouth and pulled the trigger. Her brains were splattered all over the wall. We later learned she killed herself because her boyfriend went out with another girl.

I then worked in the field of nursing, as an emergency room nurse, worked on the burn unit at University hospital in Denver, pediatrics, and a number of other departments. I have seen lots of autopsies and lots of dead people. When a person dies an increase in energy surrounds them, and even if they are in a coma, there is a lot of activity in their eyes.

I later went on to get two graduate degrees, and I took courses from the late Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, a pioneer in the field of death and dying. I forgot to tell you that I lost my eyesight in Vietnam and was totally blind for 5-years, went through more than a dozen eye surgeries to get my eyesight back. That was the turning point in my life which lead me down a conscious spiritual path. I learned how to quiet my mind and do meditation back in the 1970’s.

I have had many out-of-body, and inter/intra-dimensional experiences since then. I tell you about my journey to let you know where I am coming from. Do not get obsessed with what you perceive as a tormented soul. I was once obsessed with death, and felt I saw the souls of those who died in my arms, the souls of those whom I took to the morgue, etc. It dominated my life and I had to pull back from it.

You have a choice, to let this thing dominate you, or do what is healthy for your son. If you do not learn how to center yourself and gain better control then others will control you. You sound like you are almost possessed by this and that is not a good place to be in. Seek help from a spiritual counselor, or a religious counselor. You are not responsible for this person’s soul. When I got home from Vietnam I had a lot of survivor’s guilt, I felt I could have done more to save people’s lives, but I had to come to terms with that and let go of it. God is in change, not me, and not you. Pray for guidance.

. I 100% agree with this post. I have also experienced these things. I worked in the medical field as well, and I could sense impending deaths, even those of children. The energy is crazy at these times. I think it’s a mix of things, the souls elevation before death, the human earthly sense of fear, not understanding what true death is...these can be left as imprints, and the energy of other sources and those around them, earthly and spiritual. Words that we make up to describe such tragedy, the word tragedy on its own carries negative meanings.

@NightingalesFlame...I think you are picking up the negative imprints left over from this accident, and my concern is for you and your young son. Children are especially prone to pick up their mothers emotional state...and are affected by that energy because they are so sensitive, especially during infant and toddler years.

There are many negative imprints left in this world. I have experienced replays of these imprints, along with others. The earth is very dense and these energies can stay for a long time. You have to raise your elevation, by positive thoughts, meditation and positive activity. If your frequency is low, and focused on death, depression, anxiety, are going to pick up in all kinds of negative imprints here...and feed them. The earth can clean itself, it just takes takes more time because people keep feeding those negative imprints and energies, recharging them. They unwittingly do connecting, and relating to it, transferring and energizing the negativity with their own energy of fear, grief and trauma.

It’s good to be sensitive, spiritual, and a helper on earth....but you have to be knowledgeable and in an elevated spiritual place, or else these imprints and energies will affect you negatively. You can’t hokd onto that has to be cleared. Part of growing and learning when you are an empath or sensitive, is understanding what is going on...empathy can confuse one, all they feel is the negativity, and they want to help. That negativity bombards also creates pictures and visions for the empath sometimes... of the actual events and person...but those are often imprints left over in the earths dense atmosphere.

Starman, thank you for your service. My uncle died in that war, he was 20 years old, too. I met him through dreams. I can see you have a lot of experience and wisdom...I admire that.
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