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I would not concern myself too much about this because there are angels and spirit guides, on the other side, who help souls that are lost, stuck, etc., and we will all visit places here on Earth, after we die, to learn lessons from those places, and we are usually accompanied by an angel or spirit guide.

When we die, a legion of angels comes to us just before we leave our physical body, and they cut the silver cord that binds us to our physical body. It is as taking a birth into a new life. We then go through a review of the life which we have just lived here on Earth with an angel or spirit guide by our side. Often that review involves visiting places here on Earth which are related to that review.

As far as your son is concerned, if I am driving a truck, I will more readily notice other people who are driving a similar kind of truck, and if I am ridding a motor cycle, I will readily notice other people who are ridding motor cycles. The word coincidence means when things co-in-side. It does not mean to dismiss something rather it is how we associate things.

Maybe a question might be what do you think you can do for this person who you call a “troubled soul?” We humans seek answers from the other side and it may be true that those on the other side also seek answers from this side. I’m sure you have your own feelings about this and what you are willing to accept, and I respect that.

But I am of the belief that any unanswered questions this soul may have will either be answered by those on the other side, or that soul will reincarnate to find answers on this side. By the very fact that they may be attached to their previous human existence gives them a very good chance of reincarnating back here on Earth.

What I share here co-in-sides with out-of-body experiences I have had. To those on the other side this human life appears as a dream. It is the same for many who have had out-of-body and near-death experiences. This human life is as a very powerful dream and many of us have a hard time waking up from this dream, regardless whether we are alive here on Earth or have relinquished our physical body and reside on the other side.
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