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I have quite a weird idea of heaven. It isn't so much playing harps on clouds, more like a hospital.

All the staff are friendly and understand my need to be there. I'd sleep in the day and be awake at night. I'd be given drugs for medicinal purposes and they'd treat me for my mental state. It would be sleepy and dream-like.

Obviously I'd be able to see my loved ones who could visit.

It would also be a mystical place. Maybe I could find strange corridors where nobody goes and adventure through the building. I'd get me a coke from the vending machine or something.

Maybe I'd be like a guinea pig. They teach me about psychic power for research purposes, if it's a success they could use it for other beings in the future who need treatment.

There wouldn't be any smug 'normies' anywhere (lol) and teh staff are like angels, or sometimes ai.

I wish I could go there already... I'm getting weary of this world.
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