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Originally Posted by Starman
In many cases when you die you will see what you believe in and hold dearest in your heart. There are many, many levels of existence beyond this physical realm, and after human death, you go to the place where you are capable of going to. Your capacity is determined by how much emotional and mental baggage one might be carrying at the time of human death. This baggage can keep one from soaring to the finer planes of existence, and may even cause one to reincarnate back here on earth.

Of course, all of this is illusionary, because that which we truly are has always been and will always be with our pure divine loving source. There is absolutely no way that we can actually leave our true home, the source of our being. Here on Earth we are but projections of light. When we experience human death the projection is withdrawn and we have the opportunity to consciously return to the source of all light, that which many call “GOD.” In my opinion all things come from God and all things must eventually return to God. God, that divine Christ Consciousness, is always with us but we are not always consciously with God.

As Jesus said in the Bible, “There are many mansions in my father’s house,” and I might add more mansions, or realms, than we know. I believe that the way is to find the love that is inside of you, bathe in that love, and indiscriminately share its’ presence with others. When I was younger I was afraid of death and I was also afraid of life, but I came to learn that life and death are here to help us consciously return to our source; that which many refer to as “heaven.” The Kingdom of heaven is within you, in my opinion, and often we have to go through hell to get there. Ego is the only thing that may freak out about death, so having a humble ego now may help with a smooth transition at the time of human death.

Grow and learn and over time gather your own point of view on this.

Beautiful summary and exactly how I see(or experience) it.

Thanks for putting it how it is ;)
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