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Originally Posted by MARDAV70
When I had my NDE, this existence seemed like a dream, or a play, not the reality of existence. All those who are in this place make it what it is but it's collective...that is, what culture/society becomes is determined by what people do or don't do as a whole.
Yep...and we all eventually find our way home. Hell isn't a's a state of the id, which is a product of influence of the ego on our consciousness/spirit/soul. The examples COLORADO gave of real NDEs are excellent testaments to this, and I found likewise sentiment after reading and/or watching many accounts.

Very well put MARDAV70, I agree wholeheartedly.

The clue to life (and all its mysteries) lies in mind. Not only in my mind but also in yours. There is a point where minds are shared - this is the place we know of, or have heard about as 'Everything is One'. We on this plane(t) all take part in the adventure of life in circumstances within which we find the ability to express ourselves as (in our case) humans. Elephants express themselves differently. There are lower and higher 'realms' of expression in the 'mind' world; in the physical world we know this as evolution. So basically what we think, we are - although it would probably be more correct to say we are what we imagine. The final moment in time is the NOW, and this NOW is ever present. You are who you are in its complete totality based upon everything that has ever happened. The role you played in this history reflects your 'philosophies', your thoughts - whether 'good' or 'bad', your reflections (from which you gain insights) and your actions.

When you look in the mirror you are (and I hope you don't understand this wrongly) looking into the centre of the universe.
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