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Where do we go? Exactly where we are in condition to go based on our soul condition. This condition includes any errors caused by others to us (that we should release/forgive), any beliefs that we have that are not aligned with the Truth (that we should release/replace), and any things that we have done to ourselves or others (including God) that are not in harmony with Love (that we should release/repent/grieve) as well as any Love that we have. Basically, its all about Love or lack thereof whether you call it light or vibration or by any other name. There are many gradients of Hells and many Spheres of Heavens and none are permanent or everlasting destinations as we can ALL improve (or degrade) the condition of our Souls from the lowest in vibration/darkest/EVIL to the most exalted Celestial Angels which means that the most evil person can change and progress just as the most loving can. This is how the system works and there are many processes (spiritual movements/belief systems/religions) which you can engage to progress your soul to an great extent... and then there is The Way which will transform the soul from a finite image of God to an infinite and immortal Soul possessing the essence of God that will have everlasting development in Truth and Love.
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