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I have only vague, fragmented memories which I have been able to access all my life. But they are so unlike anything else -even dreams -that I feel they may be life-between-life memories.
One is so horrendous I won't even describe it. In fact, it is indescribable in normal terms. There are no features like landscape, just a pervading miasma. That in itself is indescribable.
It certainly is nothing like any descriptions of "Hell" that I have ever come across.
What that's about, I have no idea. I can't even pinpoint what relationship this "place" is to me or why I'm there. But one thing is for sure, I never want to go there again.

But the other memories are the exact opposite. There are landscapes, beautiful swathes of gentle hills and fields with some trees. Here and there, are small blue lakes. There are people about but I can't recall what they are doing besides resting or enjoying the place. The light is lovely, but different to a high pressure sunny day here. I remember no sun.
There are also similar places, rural, but with areas where there are white stone buildings or open courtyards with pillars and greenery but no roofs.

That is about all I recall.
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