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Originally Posted by Compendium
Thank you BlackRaven I lost all of my loved ones in a span of ten years, but I have a very different outlook on those I have lost. I was ecstatic when they passed they got to go home and I was so happy for them. I communicated with my mom even while she was in a coma. We had a deal though. When the time came she would go and not hang on for us. It was very painful to watch my grandmother hang on for the love of her life and I didnt want to watch my mom go through that. Life works in funny ways though, even with her being terminally ill we where not ready with the paper work and a few other loose ends. So I went in and told her I need you to hang on for me so I can get things in order. As soon as everything was official and taken care of I informed her and she passed away within an hour spiritually and her body a few hours after that. I did the same thing with my mother in law though I didnt have enough time with her :(. I tried to help her let go of the anger and stop living in the past. She was a very young soul though and she had a lot of trouble with forgiveness. All my family members came to visit me within hours of passing and when all the women I loved passed on they brought me Astral to a place just outside of heaven and we all had a nice conversation though I cant remember the content. What mattered most to me was that they where all so very happy and joking and laughing together. Some would say it was my wishful thinking that created the dream, but while I was there one of my moms old boyfriends opened a door and yelled at me that I dont belong there and that they had no right bringing me there. I had no idea he had passed away or that his first wife had passed. When I woke up I did a search and sure enough he had passed a year prior from a heart attack and his first wife had also passed. That was enough confirmation to verify the reality of it to me.

I love sharing my experiances with others because I always hope people can take solace from it. The only thing in life anyone should fear is fear itself. It lowers your vibration and attracts negativity.


Compendium - I believe I know how you feel when you say you were happy when your loved ones got to go home. My 94-year-old father-in-law just passed away in his own home surrounded by family. Of course there were a lot of tears, but I didn't cry. I just felt relief for him because he had suffered for so long and seemed to keep holding onto life for the adult children in the family, even though everyone was fine. He lived almost 20 years longer than his wife.

I liked reading about your astral travel experience. It is very interesting to say the least.
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