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Originally Posted by Compendium
When my mom was terminally ill with cancer it was very stressfull. I came home to live with her 5 days a week. My kids came with me as well at the same time my mom had custody of my sisters 3 kids. So I was taking care of 5 kids in total all 5 and younger, plus my mom who was going through treatment. On a particularly stressful day. The AC quit one of the kids was sick with a fever and the house was so hot I couldnt even get the thermometer in her mouth because it kept reading the house temp. We were totally broke and I was so stressed. I laid down on my moms bed and fell asleep for about 15 minutes. My grandmother came to me and told me not to worry there was a check in the mail box. She told me everything was going to be fine and that she loved me. When I woke up my daughter came up to me and said look i drew a picture for gram crackers which is what everyone called my grandmother. I knew instantly she had also talked to my daughter too. I told my mom about the dream and when the mail came sure enough there was a check in the mailbox for 600 dollars. My dad who absolutely never paid child support for me (after all I was 27 and he still owed over 50k) had sent a check.

Our loved ones know when we are at our breaking point and they communicate with us. They hear us and they visit on holidays and birthdays and special occasions. A year after my mom passed and on my birthday My husband sang me Happy birthday at midnight and for whatever reason he recorded it. It was just us and he was goofing off and then all of a sudden this white mist almost like smoke materialized in front of my face. You could only see it on the video through the view finder. I know that was my mom coming to visit me on my birthday.


Compendium - I'm so sorry to hear about your mother's illness and passing on as well as the hard times that you went through. I hope those hard times are behind you. Thank you for sharing your story. It's stories like this that inspire those of us who have lost a loved one. Again, sorry for your loss.
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