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Can the Dead Here Us?

That is "Can the Dead HEAR us?"

It's only natural when a loved one passes on, that one wonders if where he/she is after death if he/she can watch, hear, respond to what's happening in the still alive physical realm. Recently my father-in-law passed on. In life, he was a painter. My spouse and I were talking about his house and how to go about removing all the paint that has accumulated there over the years. As we sat in the house talking it over, suddenly the truck alarm went off in the garage. There was no one in the garage and the truck keys sat on the kitchen counter in the house. So what caused the very loud honking alarm to go off on its own?

After getting it off I reminded my spouse what we were talking about when the alarm sounded off. Both of us were convinced that Dad was chiming in using the truck alarm to get our attention.

Just got me wondering just how capable humans are of trying to communicate with their still living loved ones.
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