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Originally Posted by Brucely
Thats interesting, ive never heard about this mighty tree burial. It would take up too much space at cemetaries and likely cost 4 or 5x more than a plot. But that would be a sight to see. I guess thats why so many people have a bench dedicated to a loved one. I asked this question because ive worked at a cemetary for some time now. Many people do hate the thought of very slowly rotting away underground... Also, i forogt to put entombment being the same as burial. And the embalming process is not a nice thought. Where i live (very culturally diverse), about 75% of the time it is a very traditional burial

I wonder how viable cryogenically frozen will become in some years from now. Thats always fascinated me

I've dug up a link about it for convenience/ Tree
Not entirely sure if its a thing already, or still stuck at design stages.
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