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Lots of people who are cremated do not request their ashes be scattered, rather a loved
one may keep the deceased ashes in an urn somewhere in their home or elsewhere.
I know people who have done this.

In my Last Will & Testament, I have requested that I be cremated and my ashes be kept in an
urn at a veteran’s cemetery. The VA has small lockers suitable for cremation urns at most VA
cemeteries, and they will have a military funeral regardless whether the veteran is buried in a
casket or cremated and the remains placed in a locker. Loved ones can visit a locker at a VA
cemetery just as they would visit a grave-site.

You can choose inscriptions and religious symbols before your death which would go on the door
of your cremation urn locker or on a grave site headstone if buried. The link below shows some of
the symbols available for headstones and urn lockers, at VA expense, to veterans.

It is not necessary to choose any symbol or inscription at all, but usually at least the veterans name,
branch of military service, and birth and death dates, are placed on the headstone or urn locker door.
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