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I don't have any fixed belief about where I will go after leaving this body because I think it's futile to create such a belief with the conscious human mind. After reading many NDEs my impression is that we exit through our subconscious mind - hence the many different scenarios people report when they come back. The subconscious mind is by definition not part of our conscious thoughts, so we don't know what we will experience when passing through it. Our subconscious mind is like a bridge to the beyond, into the afterlife. We have to cross that bridge.

There are many sources telling what happens once we have crossed over proper, left our whole personality and subconscious mind behind. (Spirit Guide Sparrow, Seth, afterlife101, Silver Birch, etc) There are mediums who have reported on the afterlife, people who have channeled spirits, reports from deep hypnosis, etc. They are all similar and mostly I feel they are authentic. It's worth reading them! It seems that it will be really really wonderful! Yes, home is the right word for it.
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