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NDE vs clinically dead

Was gonna post this as a new thread, but might as well post here.

The brain remains active after the heart stops beating, from minutes, to maybe hours until the final neuron fires. During this time is what most would call NDE, which is why everyone see what they believe the afterlife is like: Heaven, hell, tunnel of light, deceased relatives, clouds in the sky, maybe even 50 virgins awaiting them. It all happens in your mind which is why some say it felt like a dream. Sleeping/dreaming is the closest we get to NDE without actually dying.

But that doesnt explain the astral projection people experience.

And then theres clinically dead, when the brain completly stops, or when they give up on reviving you and announce time of death. Your spirit cuts its cord to your body. We have no idea what actually happens because nobody can report on it.

But of course there are hints: ghosts, energies, etc.

I believe heaven/hell IS Earth. We simply awaken to something similar. Karma? Reincarnate? Wanderer? One of those. I would love to be a wanderer: observe people, play with their minds, manipulate their lives, create miracles, visit their dreams, explore the oceanbeds, be a guardian angel, etc.

Weird ive never thought about that, it really is what id love to do
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