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Originally Posted by soulforce
I think to sum it up. We go home. This is a place that constitutes love, and familiarity that we will recognize as something we felt before. We will feel as we are returning home from some kind of dream (the world), and a strong sense of connection with everything in the Universe. I think I agree with some of the others that some of us, might experience a kind of disconnect depending on our state of vibration when we crossed over, BUT we all eventually find our way home.

When I had my NDE, this existence seemed like a dream, or a play, not the reality of existence. All those who are in this place make it what it is but it's collective...that is, what culture/society becomes is determined by what people do or don't do as a whole.
Yep...and we all eventually find our way home. Hell isn't a's a state of the id, which is a product of influence of the ego on our consciousness/spirit/soul. The examples COLORADO gave of real NDEs are excellent testaments to this, and I found likewise sentiment after reading and/or watching many accounts.
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