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I don’t think there is a one size that’s fits all. Example; Andy, Jill, and Fred all committ suicide...Andy goes to heaven, sees God, etc....Jill goes to prison in hell and sees demons, and Fred wonders the earth. I think the souls will and energy determines the outcome. The individual soul knows.

A prominent Doctor, healer, good man goes to hell, and is saved by saints.

A murder, by his own admission goes to hell and is saved by God.

A prostitute goes to heaven and meets God

A Christian goes to hell and sees Satan

A rich, self centered, greedy, materialistic man goes to heaven, comes back and changes his life

These are all examples of real life NDE’s that I have read. Deep down, each person knows what motivates them, and what their intentions are, the shadow self, and what their true depth is...whether they face it here, or the afterlife.
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