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Originally Posted by inavalan
So you're saying that's better (for soul, or whatever) to extend that "profoundly negative state of mind and emotions" while living too.

I don't believe that "suffering" is required, or useful to soul evolvement. Actually the opposite!

I don't advocate suicide, but instilling fear in those poor troubled minds is wrong, because after death the fear of retribution for what they did will put them through an imaginary hell, all too real for them.

What I'm saying is there is an unknown aspect to what happens after death. What I know about life and reality as we experience it is that there is a profound ability to control our experience. Maybe that control is limited to life.

There are people who can lucid dream and control their dreams. but for the vast majority of people and most nights of dreaming, there is little to no control. Maybe after death there is little to no control, just like dreaming.

I don't believe that suffering is required but I do believe that it has its uses. and that suffering is not contradictory to spiritual advancement. If it were it wouldn't make sense for so much of the spiritual seekers to be living an ascetic lifestyle.

also I believe soul is just a bigger and more impressive version of your current self. I believe soul is like you (or me) right now, but with the ability to see past lives and potential future lives. I believe soul is like a bookmark in our existence, it keeps track of our past and potential futures. But that is all I believe about the soul, it only has a few very small abilities that we dont have. Higher self though, I believe that is vastly different from us now. as different from an ant than the boot that steps on it.

People should feel free to share their wisdom no matter what, even if another person feels "instilled with fear". in sharing wisdom people should be able to enjoy freedom of communication, not have to watch what they say because of how the person might possibly take it.
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