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Originally Posted by hesitant_man
First of all, I just ask this question just to know it, not for planing anything like this.

I have thought about several cases which could apply:

1. One have a normal life and, for some reason, decides to take this decision.

2. One have some chronical disease.

3. One have some kind of disability.

4. One sacrifice himself to save others.

5. One decides to take bad habits to "speed up" the dying process.

I would like to apologise if this question has offended to anyone.

The consequence of suicide is that you die lol. Considering death is a rare and treasured experience, it should be done with the utmost care and diligence. You only get to die once you know! best to go out on a good note.

I think death is just a blink of the cosmic eyes. One moment you are alive, you blink and there is some black, but then your eyes open up again and you are in a new place but still feel the same sense of "I" and have a sensation of a body (feeling of aliveness within you, maybe consisting of arms and legs, maybe consisting of an amorphous cloud).

I also think of death and the process of dying like a rock rolling down a hill. The momentum carries on into the next life. The emotional momentum, the identity momentum, the momentum of your entire being just keeps going.

if a person dies of suicide, they are most likely in a profoundly negative state of mind and emotions. And based on my beliefs, that negative state is just going to continue after death. so death by suicide really never helps anything, actually just makes things even more difficult imo.

2. depends on the chronic disease, but in general it's not OK to take your own life under any circumstances. If you have ANY ability to help other people, then you should cling to your life. Even if all you can do is help people with advice, listen, or be helpful in some other way.

3. There is no disability that is worth taking the life. Well, maybe a few. Like very very late stage alzheimers where a person doesnt recognize anybody and is literally a few months away from dying anyways. Under a few rare and special circumstances I'd understand. but for 99.9% of conditions I say there is no good reason. Paraplegic? so things got a little rough. you dont give up though, you fight through it. mentally ill? same thing. gotta learn to fight through it!

4. a sacrifice is not a suicide.

5. I've heard people call this "subtle suicide". its actually very common. A lot of people do this, maybe even millions or tens of millions. A ridiculous amount of people do it lol.
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