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Originally Posted by hesitant_man
First of all, I just ask this question just to know it, not for planing anything like this.

I have thought about several cases which could apply:

1. One have a normal life and, for some reason, decides to take this decision.

2. One have some chronical disease.

3. One have some kind of disability.

4. One sacrifice himself to save others.

5. One decides to take bad habits to "speed up" the dying process.

I would like to apologise if this question has offended to anyone.

Generally speaking, if someone chooses to terminate their Soul lessons before they are completed, then the delaying of the evolution of the Soul's Consciousness will occur. A Soul will repeat the same lessons they avoided within a different setting. Often times, it is much more challenging to repeat a lesson so it is easier and advisable to learn the lessons the first time around.

The various scenarios that you posted would make an excellent point of discussion, but the same general concept that I listed above can be applied. In each of those scenarios, you can ask yourself, "Is this the Highest intention of the Soul to learn its Divine lessons by taking action this way?" Also, what might be the answer for one Soul in one scenario might not be the same for another.

And ultimately, regardless of how everything and anything plays out, a Soul will eventually and inevitably complete its Divine lessons and accomplish all it sets out to achieve; the flowering and beautification of Consciousness. :)

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