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FWIW and just something to consider. I got this from my wife's angels. She channeled several angels among other guides. They said when you commit suicide you are placed in a sort of hold "waiting for your destiny to catch up with you." You have things in the works. Suicide is usually aborting your plans. In a practical sense if we choose a life and its potential lessons we have the ability to bail out. Living typically includes investing in a future whether consciously of not. Every step of the way we have built a life and future in which that life is to live. While living we are also building towards existence after this life's death. We have plans to have learned certain things and anticipate growth from the experiences. We have timed things to coincide. When we choose to leave "prematurely" there are things already in the works in which we anticipated leaving here having lived through. We take things experienced with us and some of those are not yet ready so we must wait for them as a consequence of suicide.
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