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Most natural deaths create a state of what's called "low vibration". I don't think we should be afraid of that or be horrified by it when it happens. Even a little bit of illness naturally lowers "vibrations". That's usually lifted on leaving the body and the physical world and entering into the new state ....but not always. It depends how things are clung to, identified with. Some people identify completely with certain passing states of being, then it can take a little while before those bonds are let go of. It depends. Those with a more free spirit are just glad to get out and away from the illness and raise up again as soon as they do.

But with suicide, it's a bit of a different scenario. More pain may be taken with the Soul at passing. A psychological pain and concept of great suffering. Some also hope death means annihilation and it's a big shock when they find that it isn't; that they are just the same as they were before they took the life out of their body. That must be a very shocking and disappointing experience.

I do feel that we create to some extent what we encounter on the other side. We have to be open to what we receive or else we wouldn't be able to experience it -even if it was there! But I also do feel that when that troubled Soul starts to get glimpses through to a larger reality, they will also see that there is no harsh judgement except their own, and there are loving Souls there (if they can perceive them through their own barriers!)
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