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Ah, your welcome Tomma.

Esconed, well, I sure won't commit suicide in this life. I heaped, and I do mean heaped some pretty bad experiences on myself in this life to make up for the lost time and for my frustration of failure, last life.

But I only came into this life between life remembrance about 30 years ago. And just prior to that was a dark night of the soul for me. If I was ever serious about committing suicide I would have done it then, during that dark night, ignorant of what I did in my past life. Thankfully, grace saw me through until I could remember.

I think the falling was symbolic for what I would expect to experience (everyone is different!). Yes I was literally bodily falling but it was more of going from a higher dimension/vibration to the lower one here on Earth. There weren't any barriers from one plane to another. That wasn't a part of what I would have expected to do in arriving at my locale where I would begin my reincarnation.

Our Creator or whatever you want to call It/Him/Her is so very vast we can't comprehend the magnitude of what It/He/She is capable of. Our individual realities are supported in every aspect. That may sound confusing and like chaos but it isn't. It's seamless in execution.

All just my opinion. Not saying what I believe is written in stone. I respect everyone has their own views. I can only relate what I have experienced.

If you hit rock bottom, start picking up rocks.

By embracing my imperfections I am becoming perfect.

Itís through the cracks that the light gets in.
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