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I've done a lot of research on NDEs. It looks to me like people who experience "hell" are people who's lives were centered on themselves. They're actually not in a place of punishment, but are looking at either their ego or what the ego imprinted on their consciousness (soul, spirit). Those that became concerned at the negative things they were seeing in this hellish place during their NDEs were immediately drawn up into the light. For this reason I'm inclined to think that the spirit/soul goes through a "reset" when it's separated from the ego. There is no such place as hell as a place of punishment. Much like SeekerOfKnowledge, it makes sense to me that hell is a state of mind (ego)...or perhaps ego's imprint/influence on consciousness/soul/spirit.

As far as psychedelic drugs...this isn't advice...only what I've read, intended for your information. One should never use chemically produced or altered psychedelic drugs. One must used natural substances (ioasca, peyote, etc.), and only with assistance of a shaman or very experienced person. Be very careful. As for myself I wouldn't do it but if I were to do it I wouldn't do any of this without a 100 percent confirmation that a Native American shaman was in charge.
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